Introducing Homewave: A User-Friendly Remote Control App

HomeWave is a Vera remote control app that is designed with the “end user” in mind. That’s just a technical term for your dad, your wife, your room mate, or anyone else who does not know or care about Vera, but who has a vested interest in being able to turn on the lights every now and then.

Most iPhone apps for Vera expose you to the full set of Z-wave devices, often in cumbersome lists that are not easy to navigate. In contrast, HomeWave will let you build an interface that looks like a remote control, easy to use, with only the right buttons shown.


  • provide a Vera remote control app that is as easy to use as an actual remote control, suitable for people who do not know what Vera or Z-wave is.
  • allow the app to run on older Apple hardware and older versions of iOS; second hand iPhones and iPods will make cheap but feature-rich Vera remotes.

To get an idea of what the app looks like, here’s a video of HomeWave in action., or check out the HomeWave web site

HomeWave will not be free (gotta make a living), but it will be competitively priced compared to other premium Vera apps. The price will be $3.99.

Tentative timeline:

  • today: in development:
  • 17 July: start of Beta
  • 15 Aug: end of beta
  • 31 Aug: available in App Store.

Great idea. Please let me know how i can help. I build mobile apps as a side gig.


the Video is in Germany not available !

Hm, might have something to do with the background music I added… Youtube was clever enough to detect the song and performing orchestra, and set some restrictions based on what rights they paid for (I noticed that it can’t be viewed on mobile platforms either). I’ll see if I can post a version without audio.


Wow, that looked cool. 8)

17.July, does that mean I can download a Beta from appstore tomorrow?


This already looks amazing!!!
Cant wait to test the app for you!


Hi intveltr

I like the idea/concept and I’d love to look at the video.
Are you able to upload it again?

I reposted the video without any soundtrack; hopefully this one is available everywhere: homebutton (beta, no audio) - YouTube

Wow, finanly could watch it, great app, exactly what is needed, simple with good config options. Just make an option for multiple pages.

Also consider doing an android version, since now a cheap 7" tablet is 80usd, it can serv as permanent wall switch displaying configurable info. It is cheaper then some premium dumb switches


Will you be able to transfer, import/export, the configuration to other iOS devices so I can share it with my wife’s phone?


Looks cool.

I missed the beta sign up, but I’d love to help out. I’ll be local to Vera for a few days, then remote access for a week, then local again.

That is certainly the plan, though this feature will not make it into the first release. The idea is that configurations of individual screens or the complete config can be saved to or loaded from files. There will also be an option for an automatic over-the-air transfer of configurations, so that Z-wave installers can maintain the configs for their clients and push out new ones when necessary.

Unfortunately I can’t sign up more beta testers; Apple limits the number of testers to which I can send apps outside the App store process.

Great work! Looks cool and I can see paying $3.99 for it.

Couple questions:

  1. Will it have support for video feeds?
  2. Will it be avialable in English?

[quote=“groovydude, post:13, topic:172030”]Great work! Looks cool and I can see paying $3.99 for it.

Couple questions:

  1. Will it have support for video feeds?
  2. Will it be avialable in English?[/quote]

I would certainly pay more for this (but only if I get my background color changing option :P).

1: You can already see your video feeds from your cams.
2: The current beta is in English


Don’t give the dev any ideas… ;D $3.99 is just right; right?

This looks like it will be a great app. Looking forward to the release.

The app has been very handy.

I like that it’s configurable and looks very human friendly. :slight_smile:

Hurry up and take my money!

HomeWave will be submitted to the App store today! There are a few outstanding minor issues but they will be fixed in subsequent releases. Barring any major bugs being found, or issues during the review process, the app will probably hit the store in 2 weeks. :slight_smile:

The website is up as well on: It just needs a few videos, to be added as soon as I get the chance to record them.