Introducing Control Cube (iPad and iPhone)

Welcome to the Control Cube Sub-Forum on VERA.

Control Cube is an iOS VERA app designed to be set up in a matter of minutes and with the capability to integrate with KNX, SONOS, XBMC, Global Cache directly from the app without the need for any VERA Plugins. Control Cube also sports Speech Recognition!

The app also supports multiple VERA units in 1 deployment making it ideal for customers in large homes. The App is extremely reliable, stable and easy to use.

Check out the website at:

Control Cube supports:

  • Z-wave MicasaVerde’s VERALite or VERA2 or VERA3 or VERAEdge
  • KNX on any Standard KNX IP Interface
  • Sonos ZP90, ZP120, S1, S3, S5, Playbar
  • XBMC with HTTP Server running on Port 8080
  • Global Cache iTach IP2IR, WF2IR on Port 4998

Here is a set up video, you will notice that the User Interface is sleek with a nice weather dashboard, at the same time, a quick set up of your home will take less than 2 minutes to set up

Here are some quick tips to a smooth setup of Control Cube
1- Make Sure your VERA has rooms set-up and devices appropriately assigned to the rooms
2- Do the same for scenes (assign them to rooms)
3- You should do not have more than 31 scenes/devices in a single room (this is a bug that will be fixed in future updates)
4- Before Adding a Sonos Device, make sure you add playlists “Sonos Playlists” in the sonos app. Control Cube is set up to play sonos playlists
5- When adding a Global Cache Device (for TV/Receiver/SoundSystem) Make sure that the filename and the main tag in the XML file are identical
6- Check out our advanced set up videos on the YouTube Channel for info about re-arranging rooms/devices/sections…etc

iTunes Links:
Control Cube for iPad:
iControlCube for iPhone/iPod (4" Display):