Internet failover to wifi hotsport

I have a vacation home automated with my Vera Edge controller. The internet service in that area is unreliable and sometimes I can go for hours or days without connectivity.I believe there is a 3G failover service from Vera but I’ve heard terrible things about the way they bill you, so I’m looking for an alternative. I’d like to find a way to have the controller fail over to a hotspot device I purchased if the Ethernet connection goes down. I’ve tested the hotspot with the controller and it works if I manually switch the connection in the Net settings, I just need to trigger a change in this setting if the main internet connection goes down for more than a short period of time. Any ideas how I can do this, either through normal configuration options, or perhaps a custom scene that leverages one of the apps that pings the internet periodically? Thanks.

Dear kburger1301

Buy a range extender with an Ethernet port on it. Connect it to your Wi-Fi hotspot and plug your hub into the extender. This wouldn’t work as a secondary connection but if you have 10gb/month that should be more than enough to cover your hub as a primary connection. (Not a good idea if you have LAN devices connected to your hub)


Thanks for the suggestion. My hotspot would be pretty expensive if I used it as the primary connection, hence I’m looking for an as needed failover solution. I wish the 3G dongle option would allow for more flexibility and use of any standard device, that seems like it would be the most practical approach, but no such luck as far as I’ve been able to tell. Thanks.

The best way would be to buy a router that can fail-over to the secondary connection. Search for dual-WAN routers…

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Agree with you on this. The 3G connection on the Vera Secure was poorly implemented to the point of being useless. Hopefully the Elzo Secure with a 4G modem will work better.

Thanks, this sounds like a solid option. I’m probably going to pick up the Linksys Business Dual WAN Gigabit VPN Router (LRT224). I’ll post back if that does the trick so others can find this option.

What’s the Elzo Secure?

It’s the upcoming new flagship hub from Ezlo Innovation who purchased Vera Control Ltd.