Internet Data Usage

I have a Veralite setup with no cameras and no notifications. Unfortunaltly I live in the middle of nowhere and can’t have standard internet. I have now a 4G Verizon Broadband data plan 5G usage. Veralite burned already 1G data in one day (setup) and I’m going crazy thinking were I end up in 30 days.
Sure I can cut off internet to the box. Guess I’m looking for a way or tips to reduce Vera’s data usage to the internet. May be a smart script that can cut off internet when data usage reaches a limit.

Any help is appreciated.

How did your VERA burn 1GB of data? Vera barely uses any data. Are you sure you didn’t just leave your PC on with a windows/mac or anti-virus update?

No windows update, no anti virus. Just installed Veralite and new firmware version. I did use MMS Vera that day validating my setup for a couple of hours.

Remember that Vera does backup every night to the MCV servers, so you will get some data movement there.

The new firmware is a big set of files, so you probably used a chunk there.

FYI, my largest backup file is only 878kB. So that’s nearly a meg every night moving ( I have lots of plugins).

Thanks, good to now. Does every Zwave signal change got report to MCV servers 24/7? Even if no client app is online. What happend if you have fast changing signals?

No, unless you are remotely accessing your system over or (or their equivalents) you are not transmitting anything over the internet.

Well… except if you are using plugins that will (e.g. weather underground, ping sensor, iphone finder, etc.).

They will make calls to the internet with a frequency equal to what you configure. I cannot off the top of my head think of one that is going to be really data hungry.

might be because of the daily backup

Wow, 1 gig in one day? I stream I heart radio a lot and barely go over 1 gig in a month!

I am also thinking of getting a wifi hotspot for my network as a backup that is free of monthly service fees if I do not go over 200 megs a month.
As it will only use the backup if the main power or cable internet is down.
Does anyone have a guess what UI5 does normally a day? I am sure it is going to vary but I am trying to get an idea.