Intermatic Switch LED Notification CA600 CA5100 CA3000

Hello, I have purchased a few 6 packs of these switches and they are excellent for the price working great with my vera lite. I know these devices are fairly popular around here and I have a question.
Before pairing these switches have a LED that flashes both red and blue. However after pairing, these devices keep the LED off indefinitely.
Has anyone figured out how to turn the LED notification light on? I think it would be nice to have it on so you know that the switch is there in the dark, and also if it has power.

This has been asked in the following thread:,10295.0.html

As of right now, there is no solution to having the led stay on when the light is off.

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[quote=“garrettwp, post:2, topic:172095”]This has been asked in the following thread:,10295.0.html

As of right now, there is no solution to having the led stay on when the light is off.

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That’s unfortunate, I wonder if there is a way to crack one of these open and at least short the LED to at least force it to stay on all the time without affecting any of the other circuitry.
Once I get my second batch of switches in, I’ll take a look.

I tried to understand the tread mentioned.
My question is very simple: Does the CA600 and or CA3000 works with Vera Lite ?
Does Vera Lite receives the status of the CA600 ?

thank you in advance for your answer!

Yes, they work with Vera. However, you will not get instant feedback when the switches are activated manually. Meaning when issuing a button press on the switch itself will not update the status on Vera right away. Vera will need to poll the device and can take several minutes.

  • Garrett

Dear Garett,
Thank you for the prompt answer.
Then we can say that the intermatic CA600 / CA3000 are late to transmit to Vera the manual change of status, but at one point it give the status.

Could you tell me if this configuration looks correct for you:

  • 1 Vera Lite
  • 1 Iphone App MiCasa
  • 1 Yale Deadbold
  • 5 CA3000 Switch
  • 12 CA600 Dimmer
  • 2 HA04C Outdoor Plug
  • 2 45601 Ge LCD Remote

I would love to be able to :

  • open the deadbold with my iphone (locally or per internet)
  • Create different light mood scenes
  • control the lights and scenes with the iPhone or Remotes
  • Know the status of the system ( lights on or off, door locked or not)
  • Setup a timer for some lights

Thank you again for taking the time.



Vera would need to retrieve the status from the switches if manually operated. If they are operated by Vera itself, the status should update on Vera’s end immediately as Vera will poll the device after sending a command. The only time these switches would cause issues is if you use them manually and have a scene to activate other devices based on that switches status. There will be a delay.

  • Garrett

the problem is with the kind of switches ? or a limitation of vera ?

I ask this because in one house always will have actions started by the in wall switches…how it runs in vera3 ?? is slowly the updating process ??? why ?

thanks !!!

You can lookup the past discussions using keywords:
Lutron patent
Instant status
Leviton hail

It comes up quite often

The ‘problem’ is on the switch side. See @guessed’s post.

[...] is slowly the updating process ??? why ?
I think it's purposely 'slow' so as not to tie up the airwaves with polls, and still offer a reasonable update speed in smaller networks. If you determine that in a specific installation the updates rely on polling, you can make the polling faster, and see if you like overall the performance.

Hi oTi,
Can you explain how to make the polling process faster. I have 12 CA600 and my luup code relies in the status, and have notice that the events arrives very slow. I though the problem was my code, but now I know that the poll process is the problem.

Bad Idea for Zwave Intermatic, why use poll to update status on controller… Too slow to do serious automation.

This has been discussed many times on why polling is needed. Search lutron patent on the forum. The only switches that work well with out polling are Leviton which have instant status support. There may be a few others that support this. The only way to work around this is to increase the polling in vera. Either way you’ll still see status lag when the switches are manually operated.

  • Garrett

There’s a setting on [tt]Setup[/tt] > [tt]Z-Wave Settings[/tt] > [tt]Options[/tt] > [tt]Poll a node every … seconds[/tt]
You could tweak that and see if you like it.

Also, you could write a scene on a periodic timer that explicitly polls those switches that you need faster updates for. (I think the scene builder allows for a 1 minute interval.)

@garrettwp explained why not all manufacturer support instant status updates.

Can any of you tell me how to get these CA600s into programming mode. Mine just blinks repeatedly between blue and pink(?). I held the off button down for 10 seconds (and more) with no change as the user guide suggests, but nothing on the lights indicates that it is in programming mode and I cannot see it on my system.


All you have to do is put vera in inclusion mode and tap the switch to include into Vera. Make sure vera is close to the switch. The Intermatic are picky on distance when being included or excluded.

  • Garrett

Thanks Garrett - where am I tapping the switch (up/down)? And for about how long?

It does not matter. Just tap the switch to activate on or off. Single tap should do while the Vera is inclusion mode. Make sure the Vera unit is near the swtich (best if next to it). If the switch does not include for some reason, try excluding it with Vera in exclusion mode and taping on or off of the switch.

  • Garrett

I had one that was DOA (dead on arrival) so don’t take too long on it like I did before you figure out it’s dead! Had the same symptoms as yours.