Intermatic HA18C

Had a terrible time setting up my network. Very frustrating…four lights in the bedroom would turn on and off with the gas fireplace in the living room. Then logic kicked in, I dis-included the device and things are much better.
Now, how to get my HA18C added to the network again? The association[feature] of the switch is triggered by the vera usb stick.
Document on the device associations can be found here:

What are you trying to do with association? I have asked the ZWave guys about association and they stumble on it. It suggests that switching one switch will cause others to switch at the same time. I have never been able to implement it successfully.

Actually, I’m trying NOT to associate it with anything.
The intermatic literature points it out as a feature, allowing one switch to control or be controlled by others.
This particular unit is attached to a fireplace, so the auto- turn- on is particularly problematic.