Intermatic HA07 and UI7

I purchased a Intermatic HA07 controller which I want to use with scenes only. Everything I can find on the forum is UI5. Since I have UI7 I am not sure how to program. I added the controller using select generic device, i successfully paired the units (include all), created scenes, added the 12 buttons on the vera interface, assigned button number 1. When I tested it I get a "not successful message on the HA07… any ideas? I have scoured the forum and while I have seen plenty of posts, I do not see anything referencing UI7, it all seems to be UI5.

I also recently upgraded to UI7 and am experiencing the same issue. Any help would be great.

Same problem. Can’t add my HA09 or HA07.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

This also looks like the problem I’m having with the Cooper/Wayne Dalton RFBDG/WDHA-12. I spent an hour working on this with support today and made zero progress. This worked fine on Vera 3 with UI5. Non-functional on Vera Plus with UI7.

I have the same question - HA09 with a new Vera Plus (UI7). Given the age of these posts, I assume that there’s no way to get it to work.