Intermatic CA3750 Status LED not working

I installed a CA3750 today, and it is working with my Vera Lite. It appeared in Vera Lite as 3 devices. I have it wired as a DPST (also set the slide switch on the back for DPST). I can control it through the parent device, and just ignore the two children. So far so good. But the status LED is off at all times in all states. It did flash when I first energized it, prior to including the CA3750 in the network. It is useful to allow my wife to turn the hot water heater ON in the afternoon using the single button on the CA3750. Any help would be appreciated.

p.s. I can’t figure out how to create a signature block, so here is my first draft: Vera Lite 1.5.408, one GE 45604 outdoor switch, two Intermatic HA01 receptacles, one Intermatic CA3750, and, two GE 45609s.

Update: We decided to ignore the two child devices, and always use our iPhones to turn it ON, not the manual button on the CA3750. I am also installing a light in the kitchen that will always be ON when the CA3750 is ON.

Just installed CA3750 as DPST for my water heater. Led is only on when system is powering the heater ie relays are closed. When off light is out. Now trying to figure out how to run the heater on a daily schedule, with in off times as we require. Any clues? ???

Create scenes. One scene for On and another scene for Off. Schedule each scene to run at the desired time.