Interesting Voice control iOS app

Not sure if there’s anyone Russian here that want to give the bellow a try, but I found an interesting iOS app that seems to be able to support HTTP calls to devices on your LAN via voice control:

Shouldn’t be too hard to get it to work with Vera perhaps via URL paths.

Weird coincidence I just installed this developers app OBDII a couple of hours ago. His other apps are in English.

I emailed him to propose an English version. Not sure if I’ll get a response, but given siriproxy is not an option for iOS 7, this would be great!

Good minds think alike. I sent an email as well after posting.


Below is the response.

Unfortunately, Yandex voice recognition API I used supports only russian language. For now it is not possible to use it with other languages.

Best Regards, Oleg.

Yeah I got the same reply. I replied back to see if he’d considered the Google alternative.

Check out this thread,22616.0.html

I currently have English working for voice control over LAN and HTTPS protocol’s to my vera lite on iOS 7. I am currently looking for feedback before publishing the app to the apple store at a very small rate compared to the rest of the home automation apps in the store.