Integration of Blue Iris and Vera when BI detects motion, how to set this up?

Hi all… I’m running VeraPlus UI7 and BI4, I’m trying to figure out how I can set up something like this:

When Blue Iris detects motion in a specified zone (which I set up), it will alert/trigger a Vera Scene to say, turn on all outside lights or send an alert text to my phone.

Any thoughts or links to a thread that addressed this issue?

This is so easy you will laugh…! First install a virtual switch in Vera or better yet install Multi Switch which has 8 virtual switches. In BI set each camera to send an HTTP command to Vera to toggle on a virtual switch and then using a scene or PLEG that virtual switch toggle can cause an action. I’m not in a place where I can copy the HTTP command for you but I’m sure someone else here will do that for you.

Great. Easy is what I like.

If someone else can copy the http command that would be great. I can figure out the rest based on Richards advice. Thanks!!!

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I found it doing a Goole search

http://YOURVERAIP:3480/data_request id=lu_action&DeviceNum=100&serviceId=urn:dcineco-com:serviceId:MSwitch1&action=SetStatus7&newStatus7=1

So put in your Vera IP address, change the “DeviceNum” to the device number of your installed virtual multi switch, change the “SetStatus” and “newStatus” to the virtual switch number you want to activate. Lastly newStatus should =1 for on as it does in the above example.

One more thing is in your scene that you will use to trigger actions add a delay action to re-set the virtual switch to off so that you can trigger it again otherwise it’s state will not change when your camera sees motion again and it will not launch the action. If you use PLEG it’s an even easier way to do all that, but a simple scene can do it too.

There is yet another way using the virtual camera motion plugin but I have never attempted that route.

You can get even easier than that. What I do is create a manually run scene to do whatever I want (turn on light), and call the scene from the web request function of BI. I add a delayed action for 2 minutes after to set the light back to dim/off. No virtual switches necessary.

Did not know about the virtual motion sensor app. Just installed it and now I have to work on configuring BI to send the correct HTTP to Vera. When I figure it out, I’ll report back.

Raising an old thread instead of creating one.

I would like to have BI camera trigger a scene to turn on the outside light.

I have followed @dirtbikr recommendation and it works fine but I have no control of this only occurring after sunset.

So this triggers throughout the day if I am on camera and it triggers.

I created a PLEG condition and wanted to know if it is possible to call it from BI.

I wanted to know if there were alternative solutions without creating a multiswitch

BI can send an Http command in the alerts section of the motion. You can directly send a http to vera to either trip a device or run a scene.

Most people use the virtual motion sensor plugin and have blueiris trip a motion in vera. After you have that motion going on and off based on BI alerts you can make a scene that when there is motion at night to turn on the light.

Do I have to have the BlueIris plugin installed to use the virtual motion sensor plugin?


See reply #106 in this thread.,23423.105.html

Thanks @integlikewhoa for the assistance.

I have it working now.

I am using Blue Iris Alert which is sending the notification to Virtual Motion in Vera and then I use PLEG to control the time of day that actions should occur with turning on and off the lights.

Yes that’s pretty standard. Can also use home and away preferences also.