Integrating Vera and ADT

My apologies if I’m retreading old territory here, but I’ve been searching the forums and reading old threads and haven’t quite found the answers to my questions.

Lets say someone already HAS an ADT system with all the features they’re touting like light controls and video cameras and such. I assume this is all using ZWave stuff, right? I’m friendly with a local sales rep, and he indicated that they were using ZWave.

Well, lets say that sales rep came in and set up an ADT system in my home for monitoring doors and windows and maybe a video camera. Is it at all possible to add a Vera or Vera Lite to this system and have everything working harmoniously? Would they have to be completely separate? Could I tap into the ADT-supplied devices (for scene triggers and such) and still have them monitored by the company?

I’m just trying to see if there’s some way to make these systems coexist. I like the idea of having a security system that’s monitored by someone who can call the police for me (while I’m out of town or something), but I also prefer to have control over my home automation stuff like lights and scenes. Do I have to make these systems separate and forgo the interaction of the door/window sensors?

Thanks for your help!

ADT etc charge a lot for monitoring fees, and although they maybe able to offer you a good deal for the security stuff, they more than make up for it with large monthly fees that could be 4X (or more) than somebody like eyez-on or alarmrelay charge.

What you want to achieve is possible if you buy the stuff yourself, and either self install, or get a professional to help you install the stuff you want.

A lot of the systems like ADT and similar are quite closed and not really possible to integrate with Vera.

A lot of the systems like ADT and similar are quite closed and not really possible to integrate with Vera.

Ah, I was worried you’d say that. I understand that there are ways to get similar results through other avenues, but in this case I was hoping that there might specifically be a way to go into a situation where someone had ADT already, and flesh out their home automation setup with Vera and off the shelf ZWave parts. It sounds like the two systems will have to live side by side, never speaking to one another (very sad) :frowning:


Thanks for the response, though!

Sorry to bring this back up again, but I happened to be looking into something else and noticed this on the product listing for Vera:

“integration with monitored alarm system”

I just wonder what they mean by that… It’s a very vague statement, which I assume is the point of it. I feel like it’s a little risky for them to write it like that if people like me are going to assume that they mean stuff like ADT…

MCV often posts comments like this that are a bit vague (Vera 3 Wifi capabilities etc).

Anyway, its true, if you get a Vera, and you have one of the supported alarm systems, then you can integrate:

See here:

Another option would be to leave ADT (I hate them) and switch to Vivint. Vivint says they can install a 100% Z-Wave system (they use the 2Gig line of devices) and integrate it with your old ADT panel to allow your hard wired devices to work with the system. Their monitoring is also not cheap but comparable to ADT. However, unlike ADT, they will allow you to add any device you want to the zwave system. I will be making this switch soon.

But take into consideration that you are very limited on what you can do with the system. You will not be able to do the advanced things that you can do with Vera.

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