Integrating Sclage Bridge with Vera system?

I needed several lamp modules for our vacation rental condos and couldn’t wait for online shipping times. I drove to several local RadioShack stores and bought up Schlage Lock Starter kits (I think it was 2 levers and 2 deadbolts) on clearance. I took out the lamp modules and placed them in my network.

Now I have four locks and four Wireless Schlage Bridges that are unused. My original thought was to dispose of them on ebay, but is there some way I can integrate the Schlage bridges into my Vera-controlled network and get some benefit from it?

In case it matters, I also got 4 Trane Thermostats that I’m in the process of installing and I’m looking for 2 more.

You are aware that the locks themselves are z-wave devices, and can directly communicate with Vera, and be controlled by her?

So the bridges themselves, I believe would be less useful, just what are you hoping to accomplish, with the bridges?

I know.

We have a concrete building with six condos. Before yesterday I had a single Vera 2 controller and 6 Schlage locks. Every wall, floor, and ceiling in this building is concrete with metal lining. Now I’ve added four lamp modules as additional nodes. In addition I’m installing at least 4 thermostats in the next couple of days.

The only reason I would consider using the other controllers is because…well…I have them. I guess my real question is, can I configure them to simply be repeating nodes so I can use them to tighten the mesh, so to speak.

No - the bridge will not interface with Vera - Schlage set it up as a primary controller with the ability to be a secondary. The best solution is more devices as it is said the more devices the better the mesh

In addition to getting a better mesh with other Z-wave devices, getting rid of SchlageLink also gets rid of the monthly fee.

So, works better. Less cost.

Sell your SchlageLink’s on Ebay.