Insteon Supported Hardware (Wiki)

Users of Insteon products will be happy to learn of the latest additions to MCV’s wiki, which include:

“Insteon Intro”
“Insteon Supported Hardware”
“Insteon Scene Controllers”

See the list of pages posted just today, at:

I was going to add this directly to the MCV Insteon WIKI (which I authored ages ago), but the system says someone named ‘mcvchris’ blocked my account in 2013 (for ‘spam’ LOL)… gosh, who do you even see about this?? :slight_smile:

The final ‘Note’ in the WIKI explains that Insteon signals will not natively work across different phases (think ‘subpanels’, or the ‘right’ and ‘left’ legs of your main panel). However, it may be possibly to bridge your home’s electrical phases for this purpose, something X10 users routinely did, by constructing or purchasing a ‘Phase Coupler’.

See Lazy (Men's) Electronics: How to Make an Insteon Phase Coupler from an X10 Passive Phase Coupler for one good tutorial. PROCEED AT YOUR OWN RISK!