Insteon mini remote not able to trigger scenes

I have a 100% Insteon home, and have been able to get Vera with UI7 to initiate scenes by manually clicking the scene button in my browser. I am also able to trigger a scene from a wired-in Insteon wall dimmer switch.

But what I can’t figure out is how to get a wireless RF remote Insteon mini switch to trigger a Vera scene. It works fine as a simple remote to the devices themselves, but doesn’t seem to trigger anything in Vera.

What do I need to configure?

So is this supposed to even work? Where do I get support for this?

The whole point of Vera is to automate things, and I can’t get the simplest thing to happen when I push the button on the Insteon mini remote.

[tap tap tap…is this thing on?]

I apologize if I’m asking for support in the wrong area; where does one go to get basic questions like this answered? Am I wrong in thinking that Vera works with Insteon?

With UI5, Insteon support was limited to sending commands (and possibly periodically polling for status updates, I don’t remember for sure).

I’m not sure about UI7.

I’ve been successfully using Altsteon on UI5 for a couple years and have an Insteon mini remote working correctly with it. It’s a little difficult to set up initially but then works pretty well.

Thank you, SailorFrag! I’d seen references to this Altsteon thing, but wasn’t sure where to find it. Seems like it’s not included in the basic MicasaVerde release.

Soooo…one little problem: step #1 of installing Altsteon on VeraLite is to download some files from

But no such website exists. :frowning:

I ordered another Insteon Mini Remote Switch and I am able to link it to my insteon switches. it links to them easily and well but it will not link to my ISY. Any other suggestions? Michel: is there a problem with ISY and these switches?