Insteon IO Linc Changing Modes

I am new to Vera and I am having a hard time getting my IO linc set to Momentary C mode.

Currently I have it paired to my PLM and in vera I see 3 devices IOLinc, _IOLinc Sensor, _IOLinc Relay. When I click on the On button in the relay the garage door will open. When I click on the OFF button nothing happens. If I click the ON button again the garage door will close. Never does the IOLinc sensor change. I am assuming that its because my IO Linc is set in the wrong mode.

The instructions say that I need to put my controller (Vera 3) into Linking mode (which is not clear to me what that means).

Then I must hold the set button on the IO Linc for 3 seconds 3 times per mode.

If anyone could give me some advice on how to make this work I would greatly appreciate it.


I had a lot of issues with mine last November and fba helped me out. Try his updated XML file on this post: [url=,10993.msg92349.html#msg92349],10993.msg92349.html#msg92349[/url]

Let me know if you are still having issues, I have a new IO linc arriving today for my other garage door. I will set it up and let you know what I did.

Also, to verify that you are in “C” mode, press the button on the side of the IOLinc and watch the LED (the green, not the white). It should come on momentarily and then turn off, that will indicate that you are in momentary mode (I think the green LED is the relay indicator, I am writing this at work, so I could be wrong). You can also listen to the relay engage and disengage.

Once that is done and your are linked in both directions (from the PLC to the IO Linc and vice versa), it all relies on Vera. So then make sure you use the update .xml file (I don’t know if FBA integrated the new file into the 0.07 revision).

Also, in momentary mode, the off does nothing, because the IO is set in momentary and there is no need for an off. You can make a scene to turn the switch off after a few seconds so that it always looks like it is ready to turn on.


Thanks for the reply…I have not yet had a chance to get Altsteon installed. Maybe that should be what I do first?

Anyway. I think I have made some progress. I could not change modes using vera so I installed Homelinc on my PC and then was able to change modes. I now have the senor working properly as well as the button working to open the garage. My issue now is that when I close the garage it just opens itself back up again. Any hints on why this is happening?

As always…Thanks for your help