INSTEON Hidden Door Sensor (Model 2845-222)

Has anyone gotten this device to work with a Vera system with PLM and native INSTEON support (no Alsteon)? I have been able to get the device “added” properly and it shows up as a motion sensor (as I suspect it should), but when the device is activated (either open or closed) the sensor does not seem to communicate this information to Vera. I have three of these units and they all behave the same way, so I am assuming that they are not defective.

You will likely need to use Altsteon. Here is a list of hardware supported by Vera’s native Insteon plugin:


From one first time poster to another, this could have something to do with whether or not you have the hidden door sensors in 2 group mode, meaning they send a different command for open and close. I understand you are not using altsteon (and I am) and it sounds like you may not be getting any signals at all, but I was unable to get one of the two to work (I can’t remember which one), when I had it set to the 2 group mode in HouseLinc. Altsteon doesn’t seem to have the discrete trigger open/trigger close functionality implemented and only one of the two was ever getting triggered when the two group mode was setup. Once I switched it off, it has been working well. I’m not sure if this will work with the vera’s native INSTEON support, but it does work with Altsteon. The discrete functionality would need to be added to a new hidden door sensor device for it to work otherwise.

Good Luck!

I got this to work on my Vera 3. Only issue I have is the switch is opposite. Example when the door is closed it show the red icon when the door is open the icon is green. Can’t get it to change.


Would you be so kind to share how you got this sensor working on Vera 3? Was it using Vera’s native Insteon support, or using Insteon 2413U modem, or? I am a newbie here and any details you can provide are greatly appreciated. Thank you!

I’m having the same issue with Insteon hidden door sensors - simply will not communicate after set-up as Motion Sensors.

I’m tempted to abandon Insteon altogether and go with Z-Wave. All appliance modules on Insteon are slow and often unresponsive (at best!). This is the same, even with a few bridges across the wiring. :frowning: