Insteon 2 way communication

I just installed some insteon togglelinc in my garage and they wont report their status back to the Vera if you manipulate them locally. The only time i can get an instantaneous feedback(looking at SQ remote) is when i switch them from on to off after which the status will stay off even if you turn the lights back on.

Anybody as success with two way communication with Insteon?

I am curious about this as well. I am looking at doing HA in my new home and I think the Vera would be the perfect controller as it will do both z-wave and insteon (with additional hardware). My concern with z-wave is not being able to report instant status when things are controlled manual. With insteon, this is not the case. But if this does not work with Vera, that would be a disappointment. Anyone have any input on on the orig. posters question? Can the Vera report the instant status of the insteon devices?

  • Garrett

Any have an answer? Does the Vera support Insteon’s two way communication?

  • Garrett

Sorry for jumping into this thread over a year late ::slight_smile:
but has anyone ever found an answer to this?

The Scene Controllers will communicate with the Vera that a button has been pushed,
but does anyone know how to get the togglelincs to tell the Vera that the togglelinc has been manipulated locally?

I ran to the same issue, when Insteaon switch is manipulated locally the Vera2 unit doesn’t show status instantaneously, except once (just once) I saw status changed in the UI after a about 12 minutes delay. I have large number of Insteon devices in my environment and in both cases; I can’t effectively do my home automation based on a change in status of an Insteon device using Vera2.

So, I contacted Micasaverde tech support, after his research he came back with the following:

“I’m afraid I have some bad news. I’ve been working closely with our development and testing department and it seems that insteon devices aren’t bi-directional. This unfortunately is not something we can fix. I managed to make our developers aware of this and I think they will talk to Insteon and see if this will be fixed in the near future.”

I pointed out that, I have used the same PLM 2413U and Insteon switches and dimmers with other home automation products without difficulties, and therefore, I believe the issue may be with the Vera‘s Insteon plugin/driver not the Insteon bi-directional ability.

Then, he said “he would forward my reply to the development team and put this as a bug and mark it with high importance. He wasn’t sure or knew when they will look into this but usually important things are fixed in reasonable time.”

I’ll post status when receive an update.

I have used other HA products that work well with Insteon, but I really like MCV Vera2 unit I purchased over 2 weeks ago and like to see them fix this issue soon,specially since they advertise Insteon support on their website.

MCV team probably prioritizes this issue if more folks, like us, submit a problem ticket. Just a thought!