Installng DSB28 Home Energy Meter

Looking at the instructions here:

Seems that they say to turn off the entire breaker which makes sense. But they show the clips being put on the power lines before the breaker, which would still be live. Anyone install one of these and can confirm? Because if that’s the case, I would think you’d want to turn off power up stream.

I haven’t installed one of these yet (even though I have one, ha), but my guess is that since those cables are insulated where the clamps go there is a little risk as long as you don’t touch any metal. You could also get an electrician to install this too

You are correct, the cables above the breaker are still live. In the U.S. (I presume elsewhere as well) it is necessary to pull the electric meter in order to de-energize these cables.

The guess by @mrv777 is correct. An electrician or very experienced individual could install the clamps without the cables live and without hurting themselves.

This should NOT be attempted by anyone who is not VERY experienced. There is eminent danger of a 220VAC shock that could easily exceed 200 amps. Death is highly possible!

Notice the instructions clearly state “Only a licensed electrician should perform these steps”.