Installing AltHue

Sorry if I have missed this, do I need to uninstall the Philips hue Plugin on my Vera Plus first?

Not sure if you can run both plugins at the same time, I don’t really see why not, but probably best to choose one or the other.

Hahaha Typical! I uninstalled the Philips Hue plugin and now I cant connect to install apps through Vera

Try logging in to the Vera Cloud portal first then connect to the controller then try to install the plugin.

Hello, I did try that, but just tried again no still no list of apps, going to try github
PS motion sensor did not show up with the philips hue plugin

Mmm the icons that need transferring into
wont copy because it says the folder is read only :rage:

the new location of device icons is /www/cmh/skins/default/icons

ok thanks will try that

Ok think its sorted now, icons copied ok and created new device, motion sensor with lux and temp created…nicealso picked up the two innr lamps as well, so far so good
Lux seems high though reporting 17555lux in my study changed to 10231 when I turned off the lights though so refreshing quick

Yeah that LUX reading is very high for an indoor room with lights on and off.

Off in a dark room should be 0 LUX.

Maybe there is some calibration needed?

just rebooting my reactor went into safety lock out

cant seem to get rid of Hue Hue

logged in to hue app and renamed the sensor to sensor 1 change the name in Vera says its saved but doesnt

ok went in to advanced and renamed it there seems ok

It’s the prefix name I had a similar problem can’t remember now what I did but read this thread.


just need to figure how to reduce the lux reading

That LUX reading in your screen shot is like an outdoor reading in direct sunlight. In a room with lights on should be 2 or 3 hundred LUX max.

I know on my Neo coolcam motion sensors I had to calibrate the LUX levels. No idea how to do that on a Hue motion sensor with the AltHue plugin.

Have you searched the forum?

no not yet, will install the sensor at the weekend to see how it works, looks a good unit though well made lets hope its reliable