Installing a DSC and EVL System Yourself?

Hi everyone. I install DSC and EVL systems. They really work well together.
I first want to share an instructional documents for installation and operation of your DSC through your EVL.

- Installing your DSC System

- Installation, Setup and Use EVL to DSC Power Series and Vera UI7

- Vera UI7, Envisalink EVL and Your Alarm System Auto Arm Away / Disarm

- How to Add / Delete / Modify Access Codes DSC Off Site

- Using Vera’s Geofence Feature to Automate your DSC System

I am looking for someone to help me with the DSC Installation document (1st link) in Googles sheets. If someone knows sheets pretty well and would like to improve this document, please let me know.


Here ia s link for some good instructions:

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Awesome guide. Found it extremely helpful. Thank you for taking the time. Kudos!!