Installation ease: Standard receptacle vs ZW15R or GE/Jasco

For anyone that has experience installing a zwave receptable… how much extra time/labor was it to put them in rather than a normal socket?


Should be the same time. You are connecting just a few wires.

Plus the time to include it in your zwave network… which is just a few minutes to add it, name it, put it in a ‘room’ in your controller, etc.

They’re the same as any other switch. Except 3-ways though. It took me a long while to figure out that you wire them differently than a regular 3-way. ???

@S-F - This is a receptacle not a switch.

GE receptacles are wired like any other always-on receptacle, Line, Neutral, Ground. Done.


What I get for reading one post and not the entire thread.