"Install apps" is blank??

I had to reset my Vera Plus today cause I messed up a network config but now it’s back up and all my devices have been added. I wanted to go get the Ecobee plugin to hook those up and when I go into “install apps” all I see is a blank screen. Browser inspect shows a 403 (Forbidden) error from proxy.sh

anyone have any clue what it is? Would really like to install that and pleg


I have the same problem here… can not see any app on the screen to install

Yes, I have seen this.
In my case, my troubleshooting of lead to finding out that the http call to both the weather and the mios appstores does not meet RFC requirements and therefore was rejected by my router which was running a proxy. The call is from the proxy.sh file and I suggested a fix. It is missing a length parameter.
Otherwise the call works fine if you by pass the proxy on your router since the mios server is accepting the non conformal call.


I started seeing this problem yesterday and it’s still broken - no apps displayed.

Is there a known issue at the moment?

EDIT: hmmm… it just started working again (after waiting over a minute at the green wheel). Strange.

I get the green wheel for about 3 seconds and then nothing. No apps appear on the list. Is this considered to be a failure on my end or at vera? I am having so many problems right now with vera that this isn’t even much of an issue, but I guess it could be if I need to install something to fix all of the other issues.

Working fine here. You still suffering issues?


I have had this for a long time and asked support to help.
They said they did not know about the problem.
I have to press “install aps” several times before it appears.

Same issue here. Has been a problem for some time now.

I am having this same issue. Not sure when it may have started as I have not looked for a few months. I just upgraded to the latest firmware and then went to the apps store to review apps and it is blank. I have clicked on it several times and it remains blank.

+1 This is supposed to be a problem with the MIOS server.

I am not seeing this problem and I believe it is because I modified my vera’s proxy.sh as I described above. It isn’t server issue. It is a bug in the header of the server call in the firmware. If your ISP or your router uses a proxy, you will have this problem unless you fix that file.

I use neither and had this problem earlier this morning. Install apps is now working, so I think it was a server issue.

I get a blank list as often as not, and retrying often helps. In fact, it seems like the first attempt has a 50-50 success rate, but once it gets it, it hangs on to it.

They are basically investing nothing in the app store infrastructure, since it’s all going to change. Unfortunately, that’s a huge disservice to the existing user base, much of which I’m sure isn’t even on these forums to complain. Tactical error.


for me its back to the same space/memory issue once i upgraded with all my plugins 20+ it wouldn’t open “install apps” or download apps. i started removing apps then the app store would occasionally open but i still couldn’t install new apps, also my scripted scenes would stop mid script and luup would reboot.(i know these scripts work because they have never changed over the past 2 years), at that point i just gave up. seems like the only way to have v+ with a lot of mods is to extroot.

I also have this. Support said they can login and install apps, so it must be a problem on my end. I’ve tried 3 browsers on 2 different laptops. I always login with getvera.com before attempting. I’ve gotten it to work once out of about 30 tries.

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