Inovelli LZW42 RGBW bulb help?

Apologies if this is in the wrong area.

I have a few Inovelli RGBW bulbs that’ve just arrived. Very excited about some actual Z-wave bulbs to help me get off of Hue bulbs. I’ve tried adding them a few different ways, but no matter what I do, they will only show up in Vera as simple dimmer bulbs, despite having warm white, cold white, and RGB capabilities.

Is anyone using these? They are quite affordable compared to (the very limited) other Z-wave options so I was hoping to get a good number for various light fixtures around the house. Thanks!

Try changing your settings like these (under advanced):

  • Upnp Device Filename/Device File: D_DimmableRGBLight1.xml
  • subcategory: 4

Reload luup engine and try it again.


You sir, are a wizard! Just had to make it .json for the json field (didn’t realize it at first, d’oh). Works super well. Thank you so much!

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You’re right, Json file is needed as well. Happy to make another unsupported device working like it was meant to do.

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Can verify, I just received one of the Inovelli Ilumin RGB bulbs as well. I toyed with the XML and JSON files and it works like a charm (so far).

I did “D_DimmableRGBLight2” though, instead of 1. Not sure if that’s better/worse, but it worked for me :slight_smile:

AFAIK 2 should support white temperature too.

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Nice! Thank you