Inovelli - LZW30

Hi there,

Just received my Inovelli in wall switch with scene control. I can get the switch added as a generic switch but can not figure out how to get the scene controller to work.

Anyone had any luck with these devices?

Oops. I just started to duplicate thread to talk about these switches. Didn’t see yours.

No, unfortunately scene control doesn’t work. This won’t happen until someone writes a special plugin or vera adds it to their device database.

Vera tends to take a long while to add advanced features

Buy the Black Series. The Red Series adds Scene Control, and apparently Vera was unwilling to aid Inovelli w/o payment, so unless developers step in the scene control won’t happen.

If that’s true, that’s ridiculous

Any update here Vera on support for Inovelli LZW30 scene control? I’m about to jump to Hubitat after many years and controllers with Vera…

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I’m also watching how Ezlo / Vera supports the Inovelli devices. I have 24 in my home, LZW30-SN, LZW31-SN and LZW36 so far.

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is there still no support for scene control??? I just bought a bunch of the new RED series.

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