Initial UI7 release.

Hi all
Updated beta release 2.17 release (includes UI7 fixes) here: -

*Added LastTrip to sensors.

Hi all
Updated beta release 2.16 release (includes UI7 fixes) here: -

Initial UI7 release here: -

Only real changes are to the javascript file so that tabs work under jQuery 1.9.1 and add luup.set_failure(false, lul_device).

Still to do for basic functionality: -
Add correct icon to device.
Fix “Control” tab in “D_ElkAlarmPanel1.json”.
Fix “Alarm Partition” in “D_ElkAlarmPartition1.json”.

And probably other stuff.

Can you, or someone, point me to instructions as to how to install this plug-in?


Bill Walters

Use the plugin from the app store would be your best avenue. If you have an Ethernet connection it should automatically configure.

New update here, this has not been updated in store as yet: -
Please note that there has been a lot of code changes and there may be regressions.

New beta available: -

[ol][li]Download the plugin files using the Zip Archive link at the bottom of this page: - [/li]

[li]Unzip the ZIP archive[/li]

[li]Upload the plugin files:
In APPS section, open Develop Apps >> Luup Files and upload the following files, check the Restart Luup after upload checkbox and click GO[/li][/ol]


The icon in the zip archive needs to be uploaded to /www/cmh/skins/default/img/devices/device_states/ using command line in linux and Mac or winscp for windows.
example using linux: -

scp <PATH/TO/ICON/>elk.png root@<VERAIPAddress>:/www/cmh/skins/default/img/devices/device_states/

Please note that code has changed substantially and there may be regressions and there will be changes to how some zones are implemented.


This plugin has now been pushed to the MIOS store it way take a couple of day’s to be approved.

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