Including a binary in an app

Has anybody attempted to include a binary in an app for the app store?

I have not seen anything in the developer setup for the app store that would make me believe it is something that is supported. And other plugins that use binaries seem to have other methods of getting the binaries installed. (Such as the Wake on Lan plugin.)

If it is possible, can someone point me in the right direction?


So I haven’t tried this, but supports a role for a file of Miscellaneous file, along with the ability to specify a Destination Path for where the file needs to be placed.

I’d imagine you could use this to do it. The challenge you’d run into is the Binary differences between V2 and V3 machines that you’ve been running into. It all likelihood, you’d need to upload both with different names, and work out which one to launch during startup, based upon which HW is being used

Failing that, you could exec an oscommand to [tt]mv[/tt] the right files into the right locations during [tt][/tt]

Thanks guessed! I’ll give this a shot and see how it turns out.

FWIW, I do something similar in my plugin to work around a bug in LuaUPnP’s handing of compressed files.

Because multiple instances of the plugin can start at the same time, I do some minor shell script trickery to avoid the race condition caused by one plugin instance trying to read file a that’s being decompressed by another instance. You may have similar issues if you need to copy files around.

The code is here. It may give you some ideas:

hugheaves -

Thanks for the pointer! I’ll take a look!