Include Fibaro 221 (2x1.5) as three devices


Today I recieved my new Fibaro 221 (2x1.5kW switch) as my previous one had to be reset every few days. I clearly remember that when I included the previous Fibaro 221 it showed up as three devices. With the new Fibaro 221 it only shows up as one device and gives me the message that it is unable to configure the device.

What I did to include it is

  • Set both switches to off
  • Tell vera to look for new zwave devices in low power mode for 30 seconds
  • Toggle switch 1 three times

Vera then finds one applicance module with a status showing ‘Unable to get any information’

Does anybody have any ideas on this? I remember that with the previous switch it also took me an entire day figuring out how to include this thing and of course I did not write this down :-[

Thanks and regards,

Just found the solution myself… Be patient ::)! It took about 10-20 minutes before Vera found all modules. Didn’t had to do anything, just wait after inclusion.

Sorry I am quite new to this. Why is there three devices?
How can I set the parameters of the switches they talk of in the manual for example set a switch to pulse (On/Off) for garage door application?

The representation in Vera is a parent device and 2 children. In public beta 1.5.622 the first child will be hidden, so you’ll only see the parent, representing S1, and the second child, representing S2.

so I just installed one of these switches and it seems like only one device is showing up in my veralite. I was hoping that it was just a matter of waiting for vera to find it as mentioned above, but it has now been more than an hour. Since it shows one device I assume it does not help to try to reassosiate it. Anyone know what to do to fix this?

I had to restart luup a couple of times before they picked up the 2nd channel.

I assume that means that you ran os.execute( ‘reboot’ ) under test luup code, or is there another way of rebooting the vera lite from the menu?

That would work, all I had to do was use reload from the web page rather than a full hardware reboot.