In-Search-Of Leviton Vizia RF + Installer Tool USB stick willing to pay $100+ Name Your Price!

I have a number of Leviton 4 scene controllers, plug-ins and dimmers/switch’s that have been working ok at best with Vera for last 8 years. I am now wanting to setup Leviton Vizia RF and possibly dumping Vera Secure for Homeseer.
I have searched high & low for Installer Stick and I cannot find anything new or used, please help me out if anyone has an extra or unneeded stick they could part with. I am willing to pay $100 plus for a used stick and will of course cover shipping as well.

Thanks Much

Hi @dave_ronayne , Can I learn what exactly u want to use the Installer stick for ? to move your z-wave network totally to a different controller ? And Also what are the models of your Levitons ?

I have several of the older 4-scene buttons VRCS4-MO , older switches RZS15 , dimmers RZ110 & plug-in’s RZC03.

My house was built in 50’s so I do not have much cabling ran for attached garage, sun porch and 3-way lighting so I have been using 4-button scene controllers to compensate.

I have been using Vera3 and Vera Secure for about 8 years and it’s been a struggle to get the 4-scene buttons to work reliably, now I am reading if I set them up with Leviton z-wave stick and use Vera or homeseer as secondary controller I could have a more reliable network and possibly get “status” working within Vera or Homeseer.

I have bought an Ezlo controller but after reading about several bugs and no PC GUI I have lost interest in installing, in fact I am thinking if I do stick with Vera, I will go back to my Vera3.

Hi @dave_ronayne ,

Actually we do have a web GUI , please check It has very extensive capabilities on automation via Meshbots.
And did you try pairing your scene controller with Ezlo hub as a Generic Zwave device ? Can you try ?

I have not tried the Ezlo hub yet Im still using my Vera Secure , are the 4 scene and 4 zone controllers working properly with the new hub? My 4 scene controllers are working only half the time…

Can we get specific details on how they don’t work ?