In Canada - Texting to Rogers Phones

I put in a support ticket but got no response, so I will ask here.

I’m a Rogers subscriber and when I put my Rogers number into the Account Phone Notifications section, sends a notification text to (I assume that this is hard coded somewhere). This results in me having to respond to every notification with READ before I actually see the notification.
If someone at MCV could change that string to The text would then come in directly.

Hope someone is listening.

I… Like so many others do not use the built in vera notifications. But opt for the superior Push notifications available with veralerts and the push notification plugin.

Have a look in the App Store. They are easy to setup and you will wonder how you ever got by without them.

Thanks. I did install Veralerts but I found it a bit clunky to config. Not to mention that there is no iPhone app for it. I like getting a simple text.
I also found that the Twilio App is working really well for me along with the timer app to automate some notifications.
But Twilio is a pay per use service.