Importing New Vera to Current Vera

I’ve had a Vera II (we’ll call it Master) working fine for months. A couple weeks ago I bought a second Vera (Slave) for my detached garage. I have a z-wave Kwikset lock in the garage. I’ve followed the instructions for importing (add device, etc) but the Master Vera can’t see the Slave Vera. However, if I try to add the Master Vera to the Slave Vera, the Slave does see the Master - but all my scenes are on the Master.

My set up is as follows: Apple Airport network in the house. The Master Vera is connected to the main airport with Ethernet cable. I’ve set up the Slave Vera through the “Net & WiFi” tab by checking “Through a wifi access point…” I put in the airport network name/password. It must have worked because the main airport IP address now shows up on the Slave Vera Net & WiFi tab. HOWEVER, the WiFi light on the Slave Vera is not lit! And I cannot see the Slave Vera on my list of networks on my computer - only the Master Vera (I don’t know if that’s important or not).

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

i’m new and cant help with problem but my question is why did you buy another vera and not use the master one, if distance was an issue,you could of added a switch that didnt need to be controlled as a repeter to add distance to current setup