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Regarding using IH with a fresh install on a new Android, I have it working via creating a widget shortcut. If I use the main IH app icon I get the login screen, but if I create a shortcut widget it works. This is with latest version.

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Cool that’s a good tip ! How did you manage to figure that one out. I would of never thought to try that.

Hi @olov
Haved the same problem with my new Android 10 phone Samsung
Your trick is good, I installed Imperihome for Android 4.3.17 and create a shortcut widget
Now if I start ImperiHome it asks for login/password but if launching the widget, it works fine.

Congratulation for your idea


I suggest trying Home remote app

Watch this Video


I already have.


Does anyone have an older APK they can share?

Can the Ezlo controllers be used with Imperihome at all, even locally? I want to give the the Ezlo controller a shot despite the limitations over Vera but I’ll be sad if I lose IH right out of the gate.

Imperihome is no longer supported as far as I know and Ezlo has its own customizable dashboard.
Have you used our dashboard?

I use IH anyway despite it not being supported. I don’t need support, just want to keep using it as I have been with Vera if at all possible. Has anyone gotten their Ezlo controller to work with IH?

Here is how our Dashboard looks like…and you can customize it all …just as FYI

It also comes with a Mobile app MiOS app (IOS and Android) where you can put a tablet on the wall or on a coffee table with this dashboard…etc etc…

Imperihome won’t work with Ezlo controllers as they use a totally different API system.

In fact I am not aware of any 3rd party dashboard apps that support Ezlo hubs.

I’m still using Home Remote app with my Vera Plus.

There was some talk of Bill the dev of Home Remote adding support for Ezlo hubs, but don’t think it happened…


Thanks for the response! I appreciate it even if I don’t necessarily like it.

Imperihome, not dead ?

Is the dashboard software back on ?

Imperihome was the best dashboard software available, I wonder if someone will keep developing it.


Its been dead for years. Think you can still use certain versions of it, before they introduced the account login stuff.

Unfortunately, even if one has a version, you can’t log on.

Too bad no developers picked it up.


I know that’s why you need an older version of the app where there is no login

Hey CW.

I asume that would have to be a very, very old version, I think all the versions I have seen have required a password or membership, or some sort of login.

Check your forum message inbox I sent you a message.