Imperihome stuck Loading Devices

Hi everyone. Long time viewer, first time posting. I am having an issue with getting some of my android tablets to find/discover/ load my devices with Imperihome. I currently have 3 Amazon Fire Tablets wall mounted throughout the house that work flawlessly with Imperihome. I have recently purchased two more devices, a Samsung Galaxy Tablet and a cheap Neutab Ns7 Pro, as well as was given a Motorola Xoom that I am looking to add. The issue is these 3 new tablets will not load any devices when in automatic or forced local modes. When setting them up, they detect my vera controller’s (Veraplus) IP and serial number no problem. Even when I don’t enter my credentials. But when I back out to the list or dashboard view all I see is the loading devices message with the circle loading icon. It never does find them. With the amazon cheapy tablets they discovered the devices immediately no matter what mode, local, remote, or automatic. What am I doing wrong here? Also with the Amazon tablets, vera UI7 detects my devices model and all, and I can use the TTS no problem. With the newer tablets, UI7 will not detect the type or brand and never connects to the device properly. Im assuming this is because it will not connect to them in local mode. Because of this i cannot use TTS or certain features.

So what am I doing wrong? Why cant I connect in automatic or local mode with these 3 devices, but was able to with a cheap amazon tablet with side-loaded Imperihome. (Imperihome was purchased legitly, google playstore was side loaded in order to download.) I would think the reverse would have happened with issues on the amazon tablets not the galaxy.

Any advice on things to test or try would be greatly appreciated?

I should also mention that I have tried deleting and re-adding my controller to one of the amazon tablets to see if the issue was caused by a recent change in settings or added device to the controller. But once again it loaded the device no problem.

I know this is thread is old by now, but thought I would share what I found when having the endless loading when trying to use Imperihome. For me, I was working with Tech Support and I think they accidentally left the SECURE YOUR VERA OPTION checked (ON). I noticed in the address bar once I connected to the Vera Plus (locally) that my unit ip address was no longer being displayed in the address bar. Instead, it was the Mios relay address. Once I went to the USER AND ACCOUNT INFO tab, UNIT SETTINGS, UNCHECK SECURE MY VERA, all is well!! Imperihome works great ON and OFF network. Hope this helps others.