ImperiHome Project Converted to Home Remote app

Long time ImperiHome user. We have a couple of local rental properties with Vera hubs and ImperiHome based wall mounted tablets. Smart home features are a big selling point! with our rental homes.

As you know, IH shut down operations and we’ve been looking for a viable alternative ever since. At the time, IH was the only dashboard game in town for Vera (switch to SmartThings at some point- better third party support). Thankfully came across Home Remote, was a bit overwhelmed at first, especially coming from IH, with its ease of use and functionality. The app itself has some minimal built in customization (mainly Page navigation) but offers a desktop app for Windows which is very powerful and allows for an insane level of customization. To be honest, the learning curve is quite steep.

My lighting page was the most difficult to implement compared to IH. Used a combination of buttons with event triggers, nested page browsers with embedded device browsers. John’s videos were indispensable and inspiring!

Combined two hubs for this- Vera, and Smartthings (some devices are supported by one and not the other). Couldn’t include our virtual devices in Vera, Bill (Developer) said he made a change and is adding support this week or next. Except for that all works as expected.

Spent the holiday replicating our IH interface on HR. After a lot of struggling, tons of help from Bill (thumbs up), and John’s (pro developer) tutorial videos, happy to say we’re more than satisfied with the result. Included an animation of the project in action.

If you spend the time to learn the desktop app, the level of customization you can achieve is impressive.



Looks good !

I see you have created your own menu system and pages rather than using Groups ?

How difficult was it to do that ? You have to use what they call DeviceBrowser right ?

Yes I used device and page browser objects. It was quite difficult actually and time consuming to build the initial structure. But once that was done, I simply copied elements with attached code and modified as needed. HR is crazy powerful, on the order of a Crestron or Control 4, but once mastered you can create amazing HA interfaces that far surpass anything else out there.


I fully agree! I’m also in the pricess of converting all my devices and scenes from Imperihome to The Home Remote

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