Imperihome is no more

I just discovered Imperihome is no more. Not in de Google playstore and the company behind it is bankrupt. At the moment it is still running fine on my phone, but as soon as you log out, it’s over. You are not able to log in anymore, as the servers are down. This is really sad, I use it for many years, and for me there is no better app.

Hopefully someone is able to take over…

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Think you can restore a backup to get logged in again. May work.

I’m planning to replace Imperihome with Home Remote although it’s a steep learning curve and no where near as easy as Imperihome, but it’s a lot more powerful and has full customisation possibilities, only depends on your skill level.

I’m still building my GUI.

Some videos here.

I’m not expecting too much from the new Ezlo Dashboard app and if I have a better replacement with Home Remote in the wings anyway, then I won’t be disappointed.

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Thanks. In the meantime I found the little dirty workaround with Imperihome. Have to remember that one. And of course, have to find a apk.

And I also found Home Remote. Already playing with the designer. I see what you mean. Will take a long time to build what have in IH now.

If you need the apk that was the last version before they introducted the Account system (good for new mobile devices) or the very last released version, PM.

Can’t remember the version number. Look in the “Imperihome Talks” thread I mentioned it in there.

The restoring a backup trick only works on mobile devices that previously had Imperihome installed and logged in at some point. It won’t work for a brand new mobile device install, so in that case you have to use the old Apk version that had no account login at all.

Good to know: UNINSTALL. Using home assistant app after all: very well.

Please explain, should be me, but I don’t understand.

Explain what ?

What MrVera was saying…

He’s obviously running a Home Assistant installation that is integrated in to Vera, for use as just a Z-Wave radio.

And he is using the Home Assistant app for his dashboard app, at a guess !

Ah yes. Must be my English

I wrote up the workaround and versions in step 12 here:

Indeed version 3.0.11 was the last version before Imperihome introduced the account login requirement.

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Yep; it took me about an hour of trial and error to nail it down :slight_smile:

I was wondering how you worked out which version it was :grin:

I already knew exactly what version it was, because I extracted the APKs at the time they introducted the Account login, thinking I might need these in the future, so I saved them.

I mentioned the version number back in May on this thread.

The Philips Hue object is broken in that old version, as its using an old API. But you can still use Hue lights from the Vera object, that still works.

I’m still limping with ImperiHome 3.0.11 – How did folks who are having success unlock it? (the locked version only allows for limited use). I found the pro version (v2.0.1) and I have partial success: sometimes IH starts up locked, other times unlocked. Weird. I also tried the latest version to see if the widget trick works, but could not find an app start widget; what I found was a widget for camera, dashboard, scene or voice. It really is unfortunate nothing better has come up yet.

Pm me a message

You’re in luck! VERAMATE is back after a year or two hiatus! I’ve had Imperihome and it wasn’t bad. I think you’ll like VERAMATE better as soon as you get used to it.

It’s in the Apple App Store. Grab it quick in case it disappears again.