Imperihome crashes with Android version 8.0.0

My phone updates ( Samsung S8) to version 8 and since than I am unable to go to settings or “flat device list”. Maybe it has to do that the configuration settigs are pin protected.

Imperihome version 4.0.8

I have sent Evertygo an email , and they are saying that my account was not a premium account ( although I was a pro user before), they say they have now rectified the account and that should have been the issue.
It was not , I am still unable to go to settings/flat device list.

Also 2 other phones ( Samsung S8 and S6) as soon as they were updated unable to go to settings/flat device list.


Well…I wont be upgrading on the phone OS until I hear this is resolved…

Thanks for the heads up

Hi Cor,

I like a small gamble so I updated my S8 to the latest system update as well and all keeps working just fine. Maybe there is something off with your account indeed. However, Imperihome also just released an update to v4.0.10 (I was running 4.0.9) so that may help too.

Cheers Rene

I just updated this morning to version 4.0.10 and all is working again.


I got the prompt to update my phone this morning before seeing this and declined it. Good to know