ImperiHome Constantly Refreshing

I have a wall mounted tablet on which I run ImperiHome to control my Vera. More often than not when I click an on-off button or try to load a web browser to do something ImperiHome refreshes the devices not allowing me to control anything. Is there a way to increase the refresh interval? I don’t need it to refresh every 5 seconds which is what it seems to be doing.


did you recently make a change to the config in vera and try to reload in imphome?

I made changes in Vera last week and have closed and restarted the ImperiHome app since then. This refresh continues.

ok, what you also can try it to edit the object (vera) in imperihome and run the connection wizard again. it sometimes helped me. otherwise i wouldnt know. imperihome recently released update to the app , perhaps the trouble started after the upgrade…

Probably… It seemed better before. I’ll report it to them too.