I'm selling my vera2

Lets say $200.
Contact me if you are interested.

I’m not alone when I say: we understand.

haha. going with homeseer or waiting for a more mainstream solution to become available?

Going to homeseer.

So, any one is looking for a second vera ?
I’m putting it on eBay, since none from micasaverde answered for the past 3 months my queries.

BTW, aren’t those VERA units warranty at least 1 year ? !

Still no answer from tech support nor sales.

Since I wrote that, I received my HomeSeer.
Everything is working PERFECTLY. I have a bite on my vera on eBay.
Good luck to all ! You won’t see me around anymore.

I killed my blog / do it yourself about the Vera on my web http://www.universe-corrupted.com , soon I’ll refresh with my story from vera to HomeSeer.

Simon Templar.

Sorry to see you leave and I’m sorry things never worked out; however there should be no reason to stop posting reasonable or objective posts though, as I’m sure there will be interest in seeing how you’re getting on… especially since the new plug computer solution was announced! It could be an option to others also having problems.