i'm looking for a programmer who can refine my zwave installation

i have installed ten zwave devices in my vacation home along with a vera2 controller. it has been operating for two years. works generally okay. i am amazed at how non-user friendly the product is.

i generally use the zwave system to have lights turned on and off randomly when we’re not here; and to turn on and off snow melting systems on the driveway and patio.

i need someone who can log onto “gotomypc” or “logmein” and further program the system. i’ve spent several hours on this, but am having problems getting it right. i’m confident that someone who is an expert at this will do a much better job than i can. glad to pay for the work by credit card or wire transfer or ach or by visa/mastercard gift card. the nodes are active but need tweaking. scenes need to be refined or rebuilt. i’d also like to add about a dozen water leak detectors. contact: stewart feldman cell: 713.724.6000 or at sfeldman@feldlaw.com . thanks…stewart feldman :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: