I'm a new user

I’m a new user, having just purchased a Vera2, a GE45601 remote, and a few lights and switches. The remote nicely gives me a bunch of scene switches, each with an “on” and an “off” button. Having paired things up, I set up some scenes and quickly found that the “scene on” buttons worked fine, but not the “off” buttons. So, I poked around some on this forum, finding several relevant threads, especially http://forum.micasaverde.com/index.php?topic=1960.msg7383. I understand that this isn’t entirely straighforward, because MCV needs to work around the fact that there really is no “scene off” in the z-wave spec.

I do not have this remote but…
If the remote is added as a controller do you see in the device setting for the controller a scene tab? If so there should be a scene on set of button assignments and a scene off button set. Then you create a scene for the button on a scene for the off side (which you would presumably turn off the lights you had turned on).

Alternatively you can get HA09 or HA07 remotes that have Off working for standard z-wave devices (courtesy of remote, not Vera). Won’t work with Luup devices though

I have not tried it yet, but after you create your scenes, you should reload the remote from Vera. This will allow Vera to set up lights directly on the remote. Then the scene off should work for lights in your scene.

I’m new, too, and I have a 45600 and 45601. So far, these are the only things I’ve not been able to get working out of anything I’ve tried. There are several threads and a routine to add, assign scenes, then re-add, but it does not work properly for me.