If I upgrade my vera1 to a vera2 will the vera1 still work with find vera?

I am thinking of buying the discounted vera2 for my primary home and moving my vera2 to a rental home. Will the vera1 still work with findvera.com? Will it still be eligible for upgrades?

I belive so because I have 2 Vera1’s and now 2 Vera2’s via the upgrade and all 4 are working online.

Your vera 1 should function as normal. If you upgrade your vera 1 to UI4, then you need to use cp.mios.com.

  • Garrett

Thanks guys. Just as an aside how do you pair your devices with the V2? Do I have to carry around and extension cord?

There is a portable battery that you plug your Vera in for associations of modules around your house. Less pratical than removing the dongle, but it’s much safer having Micasaverde control 100% of the hardware.

Mine was delivered (in Europe) with US adapter, and I heard some in the US received an EU adapter…but I guess MiCasaverde has figured that out by now ;D

I’ve also had some success also with full power inclusion without carrying vera/dongle around but then again I don’t live in a castle or other such opulent abode!

I find that if you are adding plug in modules, to just bring it near the vera unit and add it. Then plug it where you need it and update the network for the proper neighbors.

  • Garrett