anyone have one yet?

Looks interesting, but it does not appear to ship until November. I installed an aiphone system this summer and wish that things like this and the doorbot had been around to evaluate (very happy with the aiphone, but cost is much higher).

To be honest, in this day and age, the idea of opening one’s door to anyone who presses the button seems unreasonable.

Cool product. Looks like this just ended on indiegogo (SkyBell: Answer door from smartphone | Indiegogo)

Too bad because it was $127 on there. Hard to resist at that price.

Did anyone end up getting one of these units? If so, does it seem to be able to integrate easily enough?

I’ve got an early unit ordered. Scheduled to arrive someone by the end of this month (November). I’ll post when it gets here.

Same here. I’ve got an early unit ordered and they’ve been good about keeping pre-ordered customers up-to-date. I would LOVE if this could eventually be integrated into Vera as I’ve always wanted an outdoor cam tied into my system. This would have a lot more functionality than a simple camera through if it were possible.