Ideas about how to Migrate Vera FW to Ezlo FW

But why buy new hardware if what I have already works?

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you don’t need to.

I would upgrade from Vera Plus to Ezlo Plus as it opens up new possibilities but an absolute precondition is that it can inherit (take over) all my devices. If I would have to go around excluding and (re-)including those all through my house that makes it a non-starter (looks like I’m not alone in that opinion). I would not mind having to redo (part of) the logic - perhaps because not all of the old plugin apps are available - as that also allows me to leverage new capabilities. I hope to see good news on this front in the next couple of months.


I am however in the unique position where we just sold our house and instead of being on call support for the HA, I pulled all but the window sensors out of the house. I will be starting anew for the most part where I move, which is still unknown, but some of these things need to be repeatable in the new OS and it seems that the plugin library and development will be in a state of infancy which is not good. Tell me it isn’t so and maybe I’ll jump. Is there a plugin library available to browse yet?

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soon, we will be creating a very capable framework for Plugins, which I hope will create a move to create lots of plugins.


Without some soft of migration path (apps, devices, etc), I wouldn’t touch this. If I only had 4 or 5 devices, sure. But I have too many devices, interacting with plugins and Reactor logic to even attempt. I like the thought of more of it being on premise and not in the cloud, and it being faster, but without some sort of migration assistant, it’s a show stopper.

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one of the emails said the UI is mobile app only. This seems painful for working through complex sceanrios, scenes, etc.

We are working on a web version for Scene creation. I don’t have the likely delivery time yet.

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We need a full Web GUI like Vera UI7 in functionality not in looks though.

Many additional things we can configure in the current Web GUI that isn’t possible in the Vera mobile app.

So more than just scene creation.



Totally agree. Without full Web GUI on a PC browser an Ezlo controller would be a huge downgrade from Vera rather than a welcome upgrade.

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Yep, its in works!


Will forums members who are in the private developers group, get an early Alpha sneak peek of this new web GUI ?


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we should make sure…let me talk to the guys…


Any update regarding the web ui for the Ezloplus? Using the iphone app for a large installation is really painful.

I hear you!

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Thanks! I received my Ezloplus last weekend. I’ve decided to hold off using it, as I have 70+ devices on my VeraPlus and until a migration solution and a web ui is available. It’s just too much to do manually, so for now, I guess I’ll just wait for solutions.


Hi. First off, why would I want to take a system that I have working great, add to it an unproven system or worse, take the working VeraPlus unit and slave it to an unknown entity? Am I alone in saying this?

And, add to that the newer system (Ezlo platforms) approach is reported to have abandoned the Web UI entirely, thus limiting the ability to monitor functionality and correct errors and tweak parameters that might need it. For all the faults and suffering of the Vera platform, somehow this seems like a losing proposition when there are emerging newer systems on the market as alternatives, accommodating the series 700 Zwave chipset and newer range and functionality, and offer more options for use as a security device versus just a home automation device with some alerting capability. They also accommodate the other legacy sensors in the 319.5, 345 and 433 Mhz ranges with multiple cellular pathway options, all at affordable levels.

Admittedly, by the time the Vera product has completely been obsoleted, many more capable systems will have emerged. You might as well have negotiated a deal with 2GIG or Qolsys which both include a touch sensative screen and Web UI access, or figured out a path to creatively integrate added functionality of Simplysafe to expand your market audience.

Just saying… The world is full of choices for well researched needs of audiences. To the winner goes the spoils, and the customers.

Here is the correct report.

You can continue enjoying the Vera hub, we have no short term intention of stopping the support for it at all.

I’ve seen the SimplySafe DIY house alarm system advertised on UK TV. Don’t know any thing about it though or what protocols they are using?

2GIG stuff is 433mhz RF right? Vera Secure works with it. Didn’t Vera buy 2GIG?

Never seen these 2GIG devices in the EU?

Yes we need a UI7 Web GUI replacmemt and it’s coming we are told.

Trying to seriously configure anything in the Vera mobile app is just a waste of time.

Any word on how to move the zwave network to the new Ezlo Plus from my existing Vera Hub?