Icon Package

I have several GE/Jasco light switches and Outlets that I would like to adjust the icons for. I have already played with the Categories/Sub categories for the on/off lights so that they work with the Light’s shortcut. Here are a few cosmetic issues that i am having

[ol][li]My outlets appear as light bulbs. If someone had icons and/or a json for a better outlet that would be great![/li]
[li]GE/Jasco Dimmer light switches pair fine and the icons are light bulbs (web & iOS mobile app). However, the GE/Jasco on/off light switch requires a sub-category in order for it to be controlled with the “Lights” shortcut. Once changed, the icons in the web UI stay the same (light bulbs). However, the icons on the iOS mobile app now appear as a single outlet with 2 “wireless” bars above them.[/li][/ol]