Icon Fixes for UPnP Proxy, MultiString, SysMon, and Kira

Icon fixup for 4 plug-ins I commonly use that were broken with the icon path change on the latest firmware. Includes:

  • UPnP Event Proxy
  • SysMon
  • MultiString
  • Kira

If you need/want any of these, download the zip file, unzip, and load in Vera via Apps->Develop App->Luup Files
Then do an engine reload

Updated the fixes for MultiString… needs both files to display correctly in all circumstances.

Icon-Fixup.zip (8.9 KB)

Also attaching the MultiString instruction file, incase you wanted to know what the options variable was for:

MultiString.pdf (58.1 KB)


Your on a rampage, love it.

Just added UPnP Proxy as well

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Thanks for fix.
Do you by chance run the Belkin Wemo Plugin?

@Tim88, No but if you send me the related JSON files (the ones that start with D_ for that plug in) I can take a look and see if it is easily fixable. If you go to Apps->Develop App->Luup Files, you can click “download” on the D_*.json file for any Wemo related device types.

Thanks for fixing System Monitor and Multistring.

I didn’t realize there were 2 files that needed to be fixed up for MultiString. If you are having trouble with the Icon disappearing on you. Get the latest zip file attached on the first post.

@Tim88 I took a look at the WeMo plugin and it should be displaying Icons correctly assuming it is detecting UI7 correctly but I can see something in the code that looks suspiciously wrong in the UI7 detection. Tell me on your Parent Device what is the Advanced->Params->device_json set to? and then on the Advance->Variables->UI7Check set to?

I’ve fixed mine long time ago, good idea to share them.
I’m attaching DataMine if anyone needs it.
D_DataMine2.zip (1.1 KB)

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The wemo plugin is displaying the icon.
It’s using D_WeMo1_UI7.json and UI7 check is true.
Sorry I was actually asking for a different reason, didn’t mean to send you on a wild goose chase.
I’m having trouble with the wemos not updating statuses after about an hour after a reload and I suspect it’s not resubcribing to the wemo devices. I know the wemo plugin uses the upnp proxy but didn’t know that was originally developed for Sonos. I’m not sure if the problem lies in the proxy or the wemo plugin. I suspect it may in the wemo plugin.
Thanks again for the fix and looking into things.

@Tim88 haha… no worries so I can’t help with that one😁

Hi @shallowearth

Hope all is well…

For a while now, I’ve made various attempts to work out how to create/update the static json files used on Vera and failed every time. :frowning: I’ve tried to follow the guide Luup plugins: Static JSON file - MiOS but it’s just not getting through …

As I can see you’ve done a number of things with those .json files, I was wondering if you had any generic json templates / examples that you could share?

Unfortunately I am doing is taking the JSONs that come with the various plug-ins downloading them and doing rudimentary fixes on them to point them at existing ICONs etc. That just involves installing the plug-in you want to modify. Going to the Apps->Develop apps->Luup files on the Vera webclient. clicking download next to the files you want then edit them in your favorite code editor. Then upload them on that same page using the Upload button.

To find the icons I am looking for I use either Putty to remote in, or use WinSCP (using the SCP protocol) to find the icons I need or upload/download them. I haven’t figure out how to use SCP to download the json files because they are stored as compressed files on the Vera and the Vera UI does the right thing to uncompress them and things, so haven’t messed with trying to do that via SCP. Not sure if any of that is helpful. But I don’t have any generic templates. I just researched on the Vera WIKI like the right format and ordering for the state and icons in the JSON etc.

If you are trying to copy them from the Vera using SCP (

Many thanks, no problem, I’ve changed a few icons too, it’s the adding of text and buttons that I’m most interested in… I’ve created a dedicated thread for this, to see how others might be able to help. - Static JSON files for devices - templates/examples? - #2 by parkerc