Icon always says OFF

My PLT devices always have the Off Icon displayed, even when they are On. Is this a known UI7 bug or am I doing something wrong. The PLTs them selves seem to be working great and doing what I intended, just wish the Icon would reflect the state :slight_smile:

Email/Post me your STATUS report.
And a picture showing it on for the same time.

OK, well unfortunately when I logged back in today, now the Icon just shows a generic Zwave and no OFF at all like it was yesterday.

Attached are the status report and screen shot of the device.

I am on a Vera Edge running UI7 firmware 1.7.1142
PLEG is 7.45
PLT is 7.45
PLC is 7.45

I re-updated the PLEG, then the PLT, and then I uninstalled and re-installed the PLC (since it didn’t have an update button).
I reloaded LUA and restarted the browser. My menu’s show in the top green bar so I have the updated UI for PLET and PLT.

At this point I need to go home and do a full power off/power on of the Vera, maybe that will fix it.
As I mentioned, the device is self working great, just the Icon has gone wonky.

When you are connecting via remote you will not see alot of icons right. Check the PLEG icons on remote also.
When you are local icons will show.

This doesn’t fix your first problem but explains what you see today since your not home.

I need a picture and status report when it is NOT displaying properly.

ICONS do not work remotely. This is an MCV design flaw.

Ah, that explains it… Looks like all the re-updating of the apps I did today, fixed the iroc problem so all is working correctly. Thanks!