I want to create multiple virtual heating zones

I live in an old house that has an unusual layout. Its basically 3 buildings together at one end is kitchen and dining with one bedroom. In the middle is living space a lounge and bedroom. At the other end is work space for my wife and I.

With energy bills heading northward of £600 I want to be able to heat either end at different times the kitchen end in the morning and evening. The workspace during the day weekdays only.

Currently we have a single thermostat in the kitchen that controls the boiler and the heat setting is controlled by a Vera Plus controller. I have danfoss TRVs in the middle section of the house that control the radiators there. We dont heat the middle section except in the evenings. Standard rads and valves elsewhere.

I am thinking that if i get a second thermostat in the work zone and use that to control the boiler along with additional danfoss valves to turn on and off the radiators in the zones to direct the heat to where i want it.

Will this work if i disconnect the existing thermostat from the boiler controller and get vera to control the boiler directly?. Is this even possible?

Any advice would be appreciated.