I recently updated to 1.7.1598 and no good

I think many changes in MiCasaverde, the android app, the portal, the device.
I was user of UI5, move to UI7 and found an ecosystem of all buggy apps. Is not that UI5 was better, but at least I had found a point where I was comfortable.
With UI7 I’m not, and worse with this version that constantly say that Luup engine is failing.
And for those who think that the problem is in my Luup code, please don’t. My code is very basic (return luup.is_night()) because I don’t have the need to do complex code with UI7 (good thing).
THe solution is only to get any code, hit save lua, then save the scene and that solves the issue. But I have to do it very frequently.
Also, with those updates, My GeoFence Scene stopped working, the android app constantly request for login, now with this version it constantly is saying that my cameras are failing.
Does anybody feel the pain I feel with 1.7.1598?

Best Regards,


But i dont use the stock vera geo fencing or app. I also learning back from ui5 that cameras in vera are no good. So they have been removed from vera for some time now.