I really like to see a more powerful device with better device support on al protocols


Is it only me that would like to see a much more powerful controller that run 100% lokal.
today i have vera plus that’s being controlled by Ha on a nuc it works ok and is fast, but i really like to se a much more powerful device that have extremely good support for: z-wave 7,zigbee,bluetooth,443,ir, and maybe rfid, built in siren,and batteri, and sim card and really good antennas, built in 2TB disk for camera recording, no need for wifi or router shit, people buying this have already have good routers, possible a plugin for controlling unifi instead. it shulde support north of 1000 devices and 40-50 cameras (just to make it extremely fast on systems with 3-400 devices and 20 cameras) and the interface should be really snappy like HA, and of course the integration to HA shulde be as awesome as it is today. il have no problem paying premium for a device like this, i tryde the new controller from fibaro, its snappy and installing devices take a second, but the support for HA is bad and device support from other brands are bad. z-wave.me is relising a new z-wave card with z-wave 7 in q3-q4 and it vill replace HA open zwave, if vera is not coming with something more powerful soon i will go for this mounted in a nuck instead. But i really like vera so please realize something awesome, not this ezzlo shit for nubs with 5-10 light.

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Clearly you have been sleeping!!! :slight_smile:

Ezlo Plus…all local…FAST!
We are building a platform where you can “group controllers” together…

I don’t think Ezlo Plus Plus will meet the OP’s requirements LOL.

Seems the new flagship Ezlo hub has lower hardware specs but faster firmware they say.

Fibaro HC3 is like £600 don’t know its specs.

If your running Home Assistant on an Intel NUC then Vera Plus is just a Z-Wave radio for you.

Can you not add a USB Z-Wave stick to the NUC?

Personally Id like to see a flagship Ezlo hub with some really horse power, but we are being told we don’t need it because their “new” OpenWRT firmware is super quick. Time will tell.

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No one can build an appliance-grade device that supports 40+ cameras at a price the mass market will embrace. The video stream load requires full PC motherboard busses.

So add some nvr software to your HomeAssistant box and a zwave stick rather than some franken-system with a slaved vera.

Or abandon HA and migrate to Homeseer or CQC where you can have multiple zwave radios and/or use Znet extenders and run blue iris.


Hello @chali,

We are planning the beta program for Ezlo Secure.
This hub is our flagship model. It is based on H2 CPU and has on-board:

  • Ethernet
  • Dual band WI-FI
  • Z-Wave 7
  • Zigbee 3.0
  • 2GIG
  • BLE
  • 4G/LTE
  • Battery backup

Some pictures of how it looks inside:

It would be great if you join our beta program.

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z-wave in ha is not good, and using a usb stick to it is much slower/unstable and takes forever to reboot on large networks then what vera plus does.

yeh i know it overkill, this is the dream maskin for us withe many devices.

depending how good the support will be for z-wave and zigbee this can work as vera plus does to HA today, but can this be controlled from HA? and will it handle more stuff then vera plus?
you should ad rfxtrx to it.

but shore i can join the beta, but i live in sweden im before this have been a no go for beta.


Hi @Oleh, I would like to join Ezlo Secure Beta program :slight_smile: Do you have more details?

Super computer is not one chip, but grouping of all cpu cores into a single CPU, then putting these into a board and putting many of them together…to get something powerful…

exactly what we are building…You can group our controllers to create one “Super Controlller”! And manage 10,000 devices if you want!

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z-wave stick to HA is bad, im using ha for nvr today to 20+ cameras
this is more a wish for better hardware for us controlling every little thing in the houses, not for the large mass. so the price wouldn’t need to be adopted for the large mass.
2-3K is totally ok for a controller like this

I am in when you get it the beta program ready.

Ok but can this “super computer” perform ofline or does it require Internet? Will it turn on the lights in the same secund the sensor sends the on command for 10 lights at the same time a secund sensor asking it to turn on lights on the second floor?. I don’t doubt that it will turn on, just how fast it will happen. And will this product work with HA as good as vera plus does? Will it work with rfxtrx or are you planing of adding 433mhz so cheap sensors still can be used? //Reagards

Have you looked at homeseer, indigo or cqc? They can run on x86 cpus and have multiple zwave radios, some of which can be connected by ethernet so you can get past the 250 device limit. Controlling hundreds of devices is entirely plausible while also being an NVR.

My HS SEL is about 10x faster than my veraplus ever was with the exact same devices. I have around 36 physical devices (as compared to the 200ish virtual child devices from all the multi sensors, power strips and power monitors). I could have bought the Pi3 based HS Zee controller and saved money but I wanted to get far away from the Vera’s cpu and ram limitations.

They also support devices connected by serial and/or USB, including 433mhz radios, security systems, and the like.

Or just pull the trigger on Control4 or savant.

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i did look on homeseer but they have their own limitations, indigo and cqc i never heard of
dont forget im in europe, many of USA based companies have very limited eu support.

If you want any assistance you will have to expand on the limitations that you find intolerable. The options I gave can run on full blown servers where they can manage huge numbers of devices and dozens of cameras and still have capacity as a media server.

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it doesn’t matter if it can run on a server if the device support is bad.
basically none of my stuff is supported on homeseer, thats way i like vera, Vera suport a shittload of stuff and work perfectly with HA.

I really would like to join the beta program for this device if posssible! I have a Vera Secure today and it would be realy nice to be able to compare these and to be able to provide feedback based not only on what I encounter on the new device but also based on my experience with the Vera Secure. The problem is that I also live in Sweden… :confused:

Like what? Seriously, what is only supported by vera and not homeseer, Indigo or cqc? You are in europe so what products am I not in the know about?

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basically every device from qubino and visonic that is 90% of my devices,
an another big problem is that they are very slow on adding support for new devices.

indigo and cqc i never heard of but im going to see what it is.
EDIT: i look at indigo they have no hardware for Eu cqc, i can’t find any info what hardware that have or if they support Eu

Visonic doesn’t have a published api so all HA integrations are reverse engineered. There is an HS plugin on domoticaforum.eu (Visonic Powermax Interface (Windows) application - Home Automation Domotica Forum Europe, Bwired Forum) which is also the same place the vera plug in got its protocol info.

As for qubino, every one of their devices that are sold in the US are supported by HomeSeer (mostly switches/dimmers, rgb led controllers, a few sensors, and a thermostat). Unless they use some very odd command classes or heavily use custom commands (if so shame on them) they should work with any zwave controller.