I-Phone Locator

Anyone having issues with the I-Phone Locator app this morning? Was working just fine yesterday and today it says “no devices present”, “apple device map is empty”,
and “failed to call fmipservice device”. In addition it wont keep my ICloud password and does not seem to be able to query my Icloud data.

Checked mine out after reading this. Noticed mine was still set to “present” and hadn’t been polled since early this morning. I had some sort of error that stated “no devices present”.

However, I refreshed and things came back (for now).

There’s a subgroup that this may be better suited for. [url=http://forum.micasaverde.com/index.php/board,59.0.html]http://forum.micasaverde.com/index.php/board,59.0.html[/url]

There’s been no activity on this topic yet, though.

I did not notice any issues today. Vera went to Away mode after my wife left to go to a luncheon, Home mode when I came home for lunch, back to Away when I left, and back to Home when she returned in the late afternoon.

Thanks for the feedback. After doing a Vera reboot and reentering my ICloud information the plug in started working again. Odd, but at least it works again. A simple luup reload did NOT fix the issue. Had to do a full reboot.