I need some help with manual garage door locks

Does anyone know of a solution to hooking up some either deadbolts, or center locks for a manual garage door. I would like to be able to monitor if the door is closed and if the dead bolt is latched. Any ideas here?

What kind of garage door? Metal sectional, old 1 piece?

I have not see it done but I’m sure a dead bolt can be done on the side to lock it with some mickey mouse skills.

I’m also not sure of the reasons but a z-wave deadbolt will cost about the same as just adding an electronic garage door opener to your existing door.

A deadbolt will not provide status if the door is closed or not so on top of either option above you will need either a door sensor or a tilt sensor. I perosnally would go with a door/window sensor since the tilt sensor on a flat door don’t show if its actually close all the way or ajar a few inches.

I have a insulated door with a lock in the middle. I don’t have the room for a electric door lock nor do I wish to put one in. I was hoping to put a dead bolt in and maybe then a relay switch(Never used one but I’m assuming it will do the trick) and then maybe a sensor to let me know if it is closed or not. Hope this helps

I was going to recommend a electric deadbolt in either the wall or the door with a wired or wireless door sensor and a camera on the inside and out.
Especially if I had anything of value in the garage.

I would like the deadbolt to be remotely controlled by zwave though. Whether through a device or built in. I was hoping that someone has done this already:(

I’m not sure If I miss understand you above or not, but what do you mean by an “Electric door lock”? A z-wave door lock is battery powered and is electric. Is that what you mean? Or did that mean a powered garage door opener on your door. Again I don’t know what door you have but if it opens up I’m pretty confident you have room to install one. Even if its not an overhead motor but yet a side motor install.

Other thing to specify might be your budget. Trying to install a locking garage door (let alone z-wave) is not going to be a 50.00 task. If you want to actually lock (move a dead bolt) that going to need a z-wave door lock and that can easily be 200ish without any custom insulation (which will be required). This still will not tell you if your door is opened or closed so another 30-40 for a z-wave sensor for that and that should be easy installation.

Not sure if this will help you as this setup is probley much different then yours but gives you ideas.

Here they have mickey moused a deadbolt using probley 20.00 worth of parts. With a mimolite (another 60) you can make this z-wave. This may or will cause some issues in an emergency (without power) to get in or out and also may present issues if your trying to get in manually with a key but don’t have access to z-wave.

Tgabk you for replaying. Yes I have seen that. It was almost 6 yrs ago so I’m assuming that more people would have some up with something else a bit more consumer friendly. In would like to essentially add an electric lock(deadbolt ). I don’t necessarily care about the loss of power part. I really don’t have room in my garage. It is low and overcrowded already. I just want to install a deadbolt that I can maybe add a relay too. Then also have a sensor telling me its open/closed. Is that something that can be done. Essentially adding a relay to a consumer deadbolt and have it lock/unlock. Any other ideas would be great.

I’m not understanding the relay to a dead bolt. Can you post a link of what you consider a “Consumer Deadbolt”.

If you get a z-wave dead bolt (Amazon.com) then you don’t need any relays or power wires. It’s z-wave and battery powered all in one unit.

That is for a household door not a Garage. http://www.homedepot.com/p/SureLock-Automated-Garage-Door-Lock-SLGDL7/206088579
Maybe this? I was actually hoping other people had this done before or knew of a lock that was used already in a project and it was easy eough to implement.

[quote=“michaelhinchey, post:10, topic:193787”]That is for a household door not a Garage. http://www.homedepot.com/p/SureLock-Automated-Garage-Door-Lock-SLGDL7/206088579
Maybe this? I was actually hoping other people had this done before or knew of a lock that was used already in a project and it was easy eough to implement.[/quote]

The “consumer deadbolt” you posted would work with a mimoLite if you can install it. Do you have a roll up door like that with tracks? I think we been under the assumption you don’t due to lack of room. This also will not let you monitor if the “deadbolt is latched” as there is no sensor on this type of lock. It will also require power all the time to stay locked.

I was thinking more along the lines of using a real deadbolt in the door on one side. But I’m only asumming you have an old single panel (with springs on each side) door. We still don’t really know what kind of garage door you have. This could also be why not too many systems exist. There is no single standard for types of doors or door locks on garages.

Most people that “Have done this before” probley have automated garages as that works better with “Smart homes”. Another thing that has never really been figured out is z-wave sliding glass door locks. Those just doesn’t exist, hope that wasn’t the next thing on your list. ;D

Hm .I should still be able to tell if the mimolite is on or off correct? I’m assuming they don’t make a Zwave lock of this nature huh? I’ll assume not since it would have been mentioned already I’m sure. I posted some pics earlier with another reply but I don’t see them yet. I’ll try and post them late .

Yes you can tell if mimolite relay is open or closed. You can also wire a 2.00 door contact to it and it will give you status of garage door. The mimoLite has both a binary input and a relay on it.

No they don’t make a z-wave lock like this.

I have not seen any pictures in this thread yet.

Where do I buy the door contact? Or a name that I can search that works. I am assuming it is not Zwave or it wouldn’t be 2.00 dollars. I would also want to buy a door contact for my upstairs door since it has a dead bolt on it and is annoying if the door isn’t closed it still locks.

Any alarm contact will wire to the mimo (mimo is z-wave so you don’t need a zwave sensor). Its just an open/closed circuit two wire from sensor to mimolite hookup. You wiring will almost be excatly the same for using a mimolite to open and close a garage but instead you’ll be unlocking and locking it. You will not use the mimo garage door plugin as you want the relay to stay on and off (manual Control) vs. like a grage door that pulse on for a sec then back off to mimc a press of a wall switch button. Here is wiring.

Sensor could be like this:

or more expensive like this:

Ones metal made to be on the ground in traffic and wet conditions. The other you can mount on top and keep it dry as it’s not weather rated.

Your other door is a different issue and since you don;t need a mimolite you better off just getting a z-wave door sensor.

recessed or hidden one mount in top of door out of sight:

Bulky side mounted one: